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It was a crisp cool Saturday morning in New England, when David "Goody" Goulding brought his prized Kettle Corn recipe to the public, opening Goody's Kettle Corn. The venue became an instant hit, with rave reviews from customers as far away as Japan and Ireland.





It wasn't long before Goody was asked to bring his wholesome, "deliciously addictive" snack to events, fairs, college activities, apple orchards, breweries, and regional festivals throughout central Massachusetts.





Made fresh daily, by hand, Goody was soon getting requests for party sizes, gift packs, and more. An old fashioned treat, Goody's Kettlecorn is popcorn with an attitude.

A little salty, a little sweet, you may never want plain popcorn again!

We are now pleased to bring this old fashioned treat to your door.

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